About the difficulty

About the difficulty

There is a basic level of fitness that is needs for trekking the mountain gorillas with in volcanoes national park hiking mount Nyirangongo in virunga national park needs reasonable levelof fitness and the basic hiking experience. Reaching the top of Nyiragongo needs 4 to 6 hours up the climb and it’s often a volcanic rock, muddy tracks and the slippery trails. It’s not so steep and the pace of both trekking adventures will be set and also determined by the guides that are professional and always ensure that each and every one reaches the camp that is targeted.  In order to make the gorilla experience more enjoyable, the porters carry your bag and will be available for hire at volcanoes National park and can also be pre-arranged at the Kibati patrol post in the Virungas national park in Congo.

The Altitude sickness:

This can be an issue for some since this climb starts at 1989m and it reaches the crater’s rim that is located at 3470m (11, 382 ft), and all is done in relative short time of 4 to 6 hours. Also being hydrated is the best and most common way of adapting to changes in altitude and people get used to acute mountain sickness and should contact their physician of discussing the preventative measures as well as the techniques of avoiding AMS should the physicians in order to discuss the preventative measures and the techniques of avoiding the AMS before taking up the hike.

Security and Safety:

Many of the organizations needed to run Africa’s oldest national park and have been restored by the tireless efforts of hard working game rangers and staff of the Virungas National park. These also include; the cabins and the shelters ‘rim which is a heroic feat when one considers that each and every piece of building material  has to be lugged on foot to an altitude of 3400m. the work that is done by the people that are involved in rebuilding as well as protecting the park assets plus those that ensure a secure passage and also stay at the national park.


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