Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge

This lodge is so luxurious and it’s placed into a forested hillside at the virunga National Park headquarters and it’s a perfect place for visiting the mountain gorillas as well as climbing the volcanoes. It’s strategically located between three main attractions in Virunga National park, and is its only 1 and half hours from the city of Goma. This lodge is also located between the three main attractions with in Virunga National park and has got abundance of birdlife plus primate species including; the blue monkeys, the colobus monkeys as well as the baboons. The chimpanzees are also usual visitors to this particular area. Even though your stay at this lodge is for volcano hiking, gorilla trekking, chimp trekking or just relaxing, the lodge gives an extra ordinary adventure among the wildlife as well as the beauty of the Virunga National park.

Mikeno lodge has got variety of activities that are set inside the Virunga park headquarters at the Rumanbago. The lodge main area as well as the restaurant feel like they are set high in the trees with the best views over the park as well as the Nyiragongo and Mikeno volcanoes. Some of the cottages have got similar views and others are set among many other trees. The area has also got variety of birds as well as the resident monkeys, coleus monkeys, baboons as well as the chimpanzees.

The cottages of this lodge are so spacious involving the fire place as well as the terrace. Each of the cottage has got 24 hour electricity, cold and hot running water. The main area of the lodge has got a good restaurant, wireless internet as well as a fire place for gathering in the evening. This lodge also gives variety of activities including; chimpanzee trekking, the nature walks, the sekwekwe gorilla or phage there are also hours to the park quarters as well as visits in the canine anti-poaching mainly known as the Congo Hounds.

The guests can opt to stay at Mikeno lodge instead of Bulkima tented camp before the trek. you will have an early morning game drive as well as 1.5 hour long drive before and after the trek.

Being given all the options,, we shall think it is so easy to spend 2-3 nights at Mikeno. Mikeno is also 90 minutes’ drive from Goma

The optional Activities at Mikeno Lodge

You can visit the canine anti – poaching unit, you can meet their ranger caretakers and you see a protest. You can visit the senkwekwe gorilla orphanage. This is also a walking distance from the lodge and you have the possibility of meet Andre from the Oscar nominated documentary the Virunga and the Senkwekwe orphanage also closes at 3pm.

Visit the Virunga National park headquarters and also meet the rangers giving more depth information of the work which the rangers do and how the park operates.

You can also have a forest walk around the lodge and also good for birding.

You can also enjoy chimpanzee habituation from Mikeno lodge. This will also depend on where the chimpanzees are on that specific day and will need to be decided at the time. The cost is $ 100 per person per trek and its payable to Mikeno lodge.

There is also a guided walk to the near caves as well as coffee plantation visit, this is also an an extra cost which is payable directly to Mikeno Lodge.

There is also a visit to Kindergarten in local village Rumangabo

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