The Nyiragongo Summit Camping

The Nyiragongo Summit Camping

Camping is the only facility that is present at the Nyiragongo volcano summit with in the Virunga national park. Camping at night at the Nyiragongo summit shouldn’t be missed and its s great way to adventure the original wilderness that we know as the Congo. Needing to freedom, relaxation and viewing the most fantastic parts of Congo, you cannot beat the camping at the Nyiragongo volcano Summit shelters.

Nyiragongo summit rim is also the largest barren of vegetation and is often brushed with snow. And from the rim, the visitors can also peer down into a rolling lave lake, see and also hear the hot gases that explode up through the mosaic of the molten lava. The crater eruptions are also expected and therefore so safe for the tourists.

Virunga National Park is also monitors the geological activity at the Nyiragongo crater. In March 2016, the park officilas also said that it was refusing the access to the crater and was refunding the fees to all the tourists that had booked the trips to hike the Nyiragongo volcano due to the high signs of geological activities. The park rangers lead all these treks as well as porters who are available for the hiring. More so the time that is required for reaching at the summit depends on the average fitness of each of the group and this takes 4 to 6 hours.

Those that are coming with the tour groups must also supply their own food, water as well as sleeping bags. There is also no food service on Nyiragongo volcano. The porters can be hired at the floor of the volcano to carry the loads for $ 12 per day. It’s also known that the maximum weight which porters are allowed to carry is only 15 kgs and the trekkers are advised to carry coats as well as the cold weather gears. The rain showers are so common on the climb up especially during the rainy season.

Nyiragongo is also a fantastic volcano that has the world’s largest lava lake. Also the volcano forested lower slopes are also home to many animals that include; the monkeys, chimpanzees, as well as the bush buck.

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