Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns

The main Safety Concerns

As the geographical concept states in the nation, DRC has got one of the saddest past in history that concerns security for many years and irrespective of the foreign and common wealth office advice against all the travels and the needed travel to the cities of Goma and Bukavu as well as the district of N’djili and the Kimbanseke in Kinshasa is also safe for the travelers since security is improved to help in enabling the tourists to undertake gorilla trekking , the Nyiragongo Hike in Virunga National park and the Eastern low land gorilla trekking in kahuzi Biega National park in Bukavu.

And concerning the border crossing security in DRC, the security divisions and the greater virunga management is there for providing the information and protecting as regards to safe and un safe the routes hence the advice to always get information before you make the travel plans.

After many years in the decline in security, the country is also heading in the right direction since new roads have been constructed, many un tapped mineral wealth and the world’s largest UN  peacekeeping force have also kept the optimism among its tortured and resilient population.

Covered by, large swathes of the rain forest as well as scattered by the flowing rivers and smoking volcanoes, DRC is Africa’s adventure spot for the primates and climbing the Nyiragongo Mountain in the virunga National park. You should also never think of a self-drive safari in DRC due to security reasons.

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