Tips For Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

Tips For Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

The five tips for hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

  • Hiring a porter

Always be prepared to hire out a porter at $ 24 each round trip and the extra for the tip. Even though you are a hiker, taking 25 to 30 pounds back pack up is so difficult. In case you have bad weather like the one we had, it turns out to be impossible. It’s not good to find out half way the hike that you can’t continue with the load. I also think that the park management should make it compulsory to hire the porters putting in mind how difficult it can be.

In case it were me, I would feel bad carrying some one’s luggage for this steep trip but these people are so capable in doing this. We also had 3 porters for the bags, our cook, many rangers and it’s known that the porters make this hike three times in the week. These people are extra ordinary strong and are able bodied and hiring them is a good way of injecting money into the economy.

  • Taking of the hiking stick

With the steep nature of the hike, the hiking stick is very handy in helping with the stability and momentum as you gain the altitude. It helps when you are going down and most of the lodges provide these sticks

  • Bringing the warm weather gear

The beanies, long sleeved shirts, sweaters as well as the thermal wear are also a key. These are also emphasized since its freezing at the top. We had much frost at our feet when we reached the lava lake. In case you get wet, you are at the risk of getting hypothermia when you don’t have the right gears, take extra gear, I would also advise a thermal top and the long johns if you have them as well as the dry pants, thermal sweater and the long sleeved top underneath. Have a down jacket, a scarf, the little heat packs to control the snow.

  • Adapt to the altitude beforehand

In our group, all of us were the same fitness level and comfortable with the same pace. Some of people in the group had come in from the side of Goma at an altitude of 6500 and hiked up to 11, 500. This was large altitude change and the altitude sickness was mandatory. Some other person had problems with the altitude and couldn’t continue yet he was physical fit. Being at a high altitude will make the body get used to the elevation bit more.

The major concern here is that you shouldn’t get off the plane and continue with the hike directly, you need to give yourself a few days at the higher altitude, this means that you can do a gorilla or chimp trek before to get the blood pumping and heart moving at the higher altitude.

  • Knowing your personal limits

You must understand your limits and your body plus understanding the hike. In case you are moderately fit, you can have this hike, the fact is I did find this hike so simple and easy though it’s always said to be this hike is so active. Most importantly is how you are with the weather? How does your body respond to the cold weather? How are your joints? I had never had any cases with my knees, but this time I came to notice the knee pain. There is also no much pressure when coming down the mountain and the pain is mainly felt when you fell in general will be muscle related.

Once you reach in the middle of the hike, it’s always hard to turn back, and one person can’t risk turning down the hike to get case you are well physically fit, you must not have any issues since you will have the best sights in time.

At last, we made it and to the top and had wonderful time on our way down and up, there is also the lava lake that was so spectacular and in case you are DRC and well fit, it’s a worthwhile experience to take up this hike. This trek is not easy but it’s worth its money and energy invested. The hike is also for those that are physically fit.




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