What To Carry or Bring

What To Carry or Bring

What to Carry or Bring

Many tourists who visit DRC usually ask what to wear or what to bring for the trekking of gorillas or hiking the Nyiragongo volcano any Congo safari holiday. The Virunga National park has got a packing guide that will help you on what to bring.

Packing for a congo safari to Virunga National park is the same as that of gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo climbing  or the boat cruise, packaging is all the same, and you should light packs to avoid the fines of the Airlines and also take only the most essential requements that will help you on making the holiday a dream come true.

Since Congo is not explored, the low development about back packing is due to the security measures and it requires amount of gear on top of the back packer’s scant wardrobe and this means that you need to plan carefully.

There was also the action based approach that was right to go in a country like DRC which demands the movement and the adaptability and never expect to the luxury hotels.

Below is the packing list that has been compiled based on travel experience in Congo in Virunga National Park?

What to carry along

  • What to pack
  • Walking shoes, these hiking boots are not so needed but a good pair of the hiking shoes are a must! I also wanted my pair of Adidas Ax 2, which were so comfortable from the get though they didn’t do the best job of keeping the water out.
  • The warm clothes: two layers and to sleep in when you arrive at the top, you pack warm clothes and then park extras, you are also better off having extra layers and warmth so you can enjoy watching the lava lake boiling and the bubble at night.
  • The rain gear: The light weight rain jacket with a hood that will help in protecting from the potential downpours especially during your hike. The rain poncho is also provided in the Virunga that provided the volcano pack in case you opt for it.
  • The hat and the Sun screen: this is mainly protecting you from Sun protection, there is lots of sun and heat at the bathroom, which is mixed with the heavy showers for the packing conundrum.
  • The head lamp/ Light: there is also no light at the top as the cam is very basic, bring the head lamp or the flash light will help the light from your camp to the cooking hut to the lava lake.
  • The Camera: this is a must for the journey as well as the lava lake even though I also found my personal iPhone did the best job of taking the images. Also something to record the movies is good and also for capturing the movement in the evening
  • Portable chargers: there is no electricity so it’s important to carry pre charged portable chargers that will help you boost the power of your mobile devices.
  • Change of dry clothes, this also means that between sweat and the rain, some of your hiking clothes will be dirty and wet by the time you get to the top. You can bring a change of the dry clothes including the socks to change into as well as a dry bag.

In case you are traveling from Bukima tented camp or the Mikeno lodge and you will be provided with a volcanic pack needed which includes; warm long sleeved sweater, the rain poncho, the thermal sleeping bag, drinking water, sleeping bag, and the packed lunch. In case you are not staying at one of the national park accommodation, yoi will need to pack those items above for your own.

  • The light weight and the treated mosquito net
  • The extra sized passport photos for the photographic permits and the possible visa extension application\
  • The first aid kits
  • A torch , rechargeable lambs, spare bulbs and the batteries that can be used as a temporary for electricity in case of power failure
  • The insect repellent is to protect you from mosquito bites since the park is a tropical forest and harbors many insects.
  • The bush hat with a brim for the sun protection, this will protect you from the strong sun rays.
  • Sun glasses with a net strap
  • The video / photo camera with extra lenses and the reserve batteries. Photographing is the main component of the safari and may make sure that you have your camera ready, always change the batteries very well and in case it’s necessary, you can carry extra batteries.
  • The film and torch LED models are light weight and also have a good battery life.
  • The Binoculars, don’t forget that you are on the safari and you will want to clear the views of everything, so during the process of gorilla trekking, you will be able to spot some other wildlife species like the birds, primates and the mammals.
  • Have a pocket French dictionary or the phrasebook that might do you some good as 8 out of 10 regions are also French speaking
  • The calculator that will help you calculate the exchange rates


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