The Bukima Tented Camp

The Bukima Tented Camp

This tented camp is all about the mountain gorillas and it’s also set head to head to the virunga park boundary and it was originally built as a station for reserch and it’s the main starting point of Virunga mountain gorilla treks. As its name suggests, the visitors at the Bakima sleep in the platform tents and these are so good with sized beds as well as the en suite facilities. The views from the tents or anywhere within the camp for that matter are so fantastic. In the south, the views are dominated by Mt Mikeno which is 4437 m and its summit emerges over the gorilla sector. And across the valley, there is the Nyirangogo volcano whose lava lake colors the night sky with a red glow. On some occasions, the mountain gorillas walk into the camp and this is glared by the park staff, and it never stops to impress the visitors. The most interesting feature near this camp is the lava tunnel that has been created a good sized cave which is a must for anyone with the urge to do a plug of spelunking in Congo.

This camp is a simple tented camp just at the border of the park and one of the main starting point for the gorilla treks in Virunga. It was also originally constructed for the researchers and is now is used by the trekkers. The overnight stay visitors at this camp sleep in the platform tents and their camping is quite good.

Each of the tents is well equipped with good appointed bed and dresser for the clothes and in the south, the view is also dominated by Mt , Mikeno which is 4437m to the summit towers over the sector if the gorillas

Just across the valley, there is the Nyiragongo volcano whose lava lake colors the whole night sky with the red glow. Each and every year, the Nyamuragira volcano also erupts and takes the night time show by emitting hot lava hundreds of the feet into the air. And on some occassions, the mountain gorillas move into the Bukima tented camp and the prices for the camp are also based on double occupancy and also include breakfast and 16% gov’t VAT. Lunch, breakfast as well as drinks that are available at an additional charge. On the 6 tents, 4 of these have got double beds and the two are twin beds.

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