Tips For Hiking Nyiragongo Volcano

The five tips for hiking Nyiragongo Volcano Hiring a porter Always be prepared to hire out a porter at $ 24 each round trip and the extra for the tip. Even though you are a hiker, taking 25 to 30 pounds back pack up is so difficult. In case you have bad weather like the one we had, it turns out to be impossible. It’s not good to find out half way the hike that you can’t continue with the load. [...]

What To Carry or Bring

What to Carry or Bring Many tourists who visit DRC usually ask what to wear or what to bring for the trekking of gorillas or hiking the Nyiragongo volcano any Congo safari holiday. The Virunga National park has got a packing guide that will help you on what to bring. Packing for a congo safari to Virunga National park is the same as that of gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo climbing  or the boat cruise, packaging is all the same, and you should [...]

Safety Concerns

The main Safety Concerns As the geographical concept states in the nation, DRC has got one of the saddest past in history that concerns security for many years and irrespective of the foreign and common wealth office advice against all the travels and the needed travel to the cities of Goma and Bukavu as well as the district of N’djili and the Kimbanseke in Kinshasa is also safe for the travelers since security is improved to help in enabling the [...]

About the difficulty

There is a basic level of fitness that is needs for trekking the mountain gorillas with in volcanoes national park hiking mount Nyirangongo in virunga national park needs reasonable levelof fitness and the basic hiking experience. Reaching the top of Nyiragongo needs 4 to 6 hours up the climb and it’s often a volcanic rock, muddy tracks and the slippery trails. It’s not so steep and the pace of both trekking adventures will be set and also determined by [...]

Gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo Hiking

  In October 2014, the authorities of Virunga National park announced that the route to climbing Mount Nyiragongo has been reopened for tourism purposes. This mountain is also a fantastic stratovolcano which hosts one of the world’s largest and rarest lave lakes, that makes it one of Africa’s most exciting and worthwhile hiking experiences. The lava lakes are one of the most impressive and forms some volcanic activities that any outdoor lover could like to witness. When you reach the summit [...]

The Ichegera Island Lodge

This is one of the kind and it’s an excellent tented camp that sits on the exposed ridge that warped the volcanic caldera in the middle of Lake Kivu. The minority of the safari style meru tents lie on the black sandy shores with the small verandas under the canvas. Just here, you can sit and admire the view or watch the birds as well as the butterflies amongst the trees that will help provide the shade and the [...]

The Nyiragongo Summit Camping

Camping is the only facility that is present at the Nyiragongo volcano summit with in the Virunga national park. Camping at night at the Nyiragongo summit shouldn’t be missed and its s great way to adventure the original wilderness that we know as the Congo. Needing to freedom, relaxation and viewing the most fantastic parts of Congo, you cannot beat the camping at the Nyiragongo volcano Summit shelters. Nyiragongo summit rim is also the largest barren of vegetation and is [...]

The Bukima Tented Camp

This tented camp is all about the mountain gorillas and it’s also set head to head to the virunga park boundary and it was originally built as a station for reserch and it’s the main starting point of Virunga mountain gorilla treks. As its name suggests, the visitors at the Bakima sleep in the platform tents and these are so good with sized beds as well as the en suite facilities. The views from the tents or anywhere within [...]

Mikeno Lodge

This lodge is so luxurious and it’s placed into a forested hillside at the virunga National Park headquarters and it’s a perfect place for visiting the mountain gorillas as well as climbing the volcanoes. It’s strategically located between three main attractions in Virunga National park, and is its only 1 and half hours from the city of Goma. This lodge is also located between the three main attractions with in Virunga National park and has got abundance of birdlife [...]